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Month Topics Tasks unit Expressions Word Game Fun Game Song
3월 즐거운 유치원 친구와 선생님을 만나요 1 Good morning. Bound game Tank Tank Are you sleeping?
2 Hello! teacher.(name) Greeting
3 I’m oo. Dress them up! Help me! Hello!
4 See you later! Don’t move
4월 야외활동 5 It’s pretty. Make a word Water drop One little finger
6 Umm! Yummy. Put into the Hole
7 It’s a frog. Head up! Hurdle race Walking walking
8 Pick up the trash. Find your friend
5월 나와 우리 가족 가족에게 표현하기 9 Who is it? Can you guess ? Puzzle game Eyes, eyes, eyes
10 Daddy! I love you. Shadow game
11 Let’s play. Heading Long jump game Clap your hands
12 Let me help you. Hit it
6월 친구 “생일축하” 친구의 고마움 13 Welcome ! Catch me! Sledding game I am sad
14 This is for you. Let’s feed.
15 You look nice. Question game Setting the block I’m so happy
16 Help yourself. Moving
7~8월 동물 동물 사랑하기 17 It’s a tiger. Dart board game Invader The tiger in the dell
18 Let’s feed a rabbit. Which one is shorter?
19 Where is the shark. Carry the egg. Find same blocks Animal Sounds
20 No, I can’t. Patterns
9월 가을 가을소풍 21 Come quickly! Catch the fruits. Fruit juice Hickory Dickory dock
22 Please, buy me a cotton candy. Let’s dance.
23 I’m thirsty. Bounce game Fruit market Kitty
24 It was great. Magic box
10월 색깔 모양 여러 가지 색깔과 모양알기 25 I’m drawing a bus. Help me! DR. Juni Little green frog
26 I need your help. Clean up
27 The bus is yellow. Go to the dentist’s. Ghost buster Reach for the sky
28 I’m done. The First day!
11월 음식 좋아하는 음식 29 I want bananas. Catch Catch Angel game Jimmy cracks corn
30 No, I don’t. Shooting game
31 What do you like? Waiter game Bugs game Nobody likes me
32 One more, please. Dice game
12월 겨울 겨울이야기 33 It’s snowing. Fickle Weather Go to dreamland Little snowman
34 Hold tight. Sledding
35 It’s my favorite story. Let’s go home Shape of crown Row row row your boat
36 Good night. Dad! Level test
1~2월 동화 생강빵 이야기 37 You can’t catch me. Open your eyes Sled game One, two, buckle my shoe
38 I’ll run away. Watch TV
39 No, you can’t. Beads game Movie poster I’m a big bear.
40 I’m getting wet. Mime the action

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Month Topics Tasks unit Expressions Word Game Fun Game Song
3월 즐거운 유치원 친구들과 즐겁게 지내요. 1 Hello. How are you ? Hurdle game Fishing game How are you my friend?
2 What’s your name? Magic box
3 You first. Finger DDR Puzzle pang Down by the station
4 Whose turn is it? Bump game
4월 야외활동 5 Look at that ! Shot game Pop Pop What’s your telephone number?
6 Don’t push me. Convey game
7 The frog is jumping Turn round Tear gamee Shoo Fly Shoo
8 Pick up the trash. Put in
5월 동물원 동물원에서 생긴 일 9 I want to see animals. Original place Shooting game Mountain Rabbit
10 What do monkeys eat? Fish shop
11 Seals live in the ocean. Spot the difference Shooting game Days of the week
12 Oh! NO, I’m scared. Word game
6월 우리 동네 병원에 가요! 13 I feel sick. Let’s go swimming Sand castle Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
14 I’m dizzy. Air Pump
15 I’m coughing, too. Same picture Let’s shoot the gun This is the way
16 I go to bed. Take orders
7~8월 여름 여름 휴가 17 I feel sick. The first day! Beautiful Hani Seven Steps
18 I’m dizzy. Puzzle game
19 I’m coughing, too. Word game Same picture Little Peter Rabbit
20 I go to bed. Run Run
9월 탈 것들 여러 가지 놀이기구 21 May I go outside? Uncle pirate Card matching gmae Skidama Rinka Dinka Dink
22 I can in-line skate very well. Alphabet puzzle
23 Let’s have a race. Running game Driving Lisence Six little ducks
24 Wow! I won. Hand wrestling
10월 가을 단풍구경 25 Please, walk slowly. Dice game STAMP Reach for the sky
26 I’m tired. Word game
27 Let’s take a picture. Make an ice-cream Save princess Little green frog
28 it’s getting dark. Push Push
11월 놀이 Fast food 주문하기 29 Please, play with me. Let’s explore the cave Climb the top Deep & Wide
30 I’m tired of them. Climb the top
31 Let’s go to the playground. Bingo Ladder game Falltime outing
32 I want to take my in line skate. Board game
12월 겨울 겨울이야기 33 Do you want to fast food? Boat game Memory game Do you want some juice?
34 I want a cheeseburger, please. Fast food
35 A large one, please. Blow the cup Car game Winter song
36 Take out, please. Napkin gamet
1~2월 동화 Sleeping beauty 37 I give this to you. With the basket Roll game Three Little Fairies
38 Oh! I’m sleepy. Racing game
39 Who lives in the castle? Question game Blow up ! Jumping up and down
40 You saved my life. Hide & seek

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Month Topics Tasks unit Expressions Word Game Fun Game Song
3월 즐거운 유치원 Ⅰ 유치원에 가요 1 Wake up! Pick up Bump game Brush your teeth
2 Go to the bathroom. Clothing
3 I like them. Dress them up! Marathon game Mr. Sun
4 Have a nice day! Closs game
4월 즐거운 유치원 Ⅱ 신나는 유치원 활동 5 I want to go to he bathroom. Order game Shooting game The bear went over
6 Wow! It’s time for lunch. PGuess who?
7 I don’t have any crayons. Hold up! Rope game Bingo
8 Where is my jacket ? Can you find?
5월 나와 우리 가족 가족과 집의 구조 9 Who is it? lay bricks Bounding game London Bridge
10 Mom, where are you? Decorate a room
11 It’s smells good. Line up Break bricks Can you sing?
12 Pass me the juice, please. Completed
6월 우리 동네 놀이터 13 Do you want to play? Hide & Seek What is different? What are you doing?
14 Let’s play on the swing. Decoration
15 Can you catch me? Blow up Roll game This is my family.
16 I’ll teach you. Magic game
7~8월 음식 몸에 좋은 음식 17 It’s time for dinner. Memory game Delivery boy, Juni Twelve months
18 Shall I set the table? Search in the dark
19 I don’t Like onions. Othello game Shooting game Trot Trot
20 I like beef very much. Arrest a thief
9월 직업들 여러 가지 놀이기구 21 It’s mine. Jigsaw puzzle Bubble Bubble The Muffin Man
22 It’s fun. Fun game
23 I want to be a police office. Word game Watch Out! If you are happy
24 it’s a fire station. Connect game
10월 가을 계절변화 25 It’s fall. Help a sheep Bread Willoughby Wallaby Wee
26 The leaves change colors. Target game
27 The traffic is terrible. Letter game Doughnut Hokey Pokey
28 Long time no see. Clock
11월 놀이 Computer game 29 May I play computer game? Weather game Xylophone Polly put the kettle on
30 What are you doing? Season game
31 Stop it! Ride game Dog & Monkey Be careful on the road
32 Don’t play games too long. Farm game
12월 겨울 겨울이야기 33 Wow! Look. Watch TV Top of the mountain I am a little teapot
34 Let’s make a snowman. Slidding
35 Don’t throw a snowball. Customer Pick it up! Come and play with me
36 My hands are frozen. Catch Catch
1~2월 동화 Three little pigs. 37 What shall we do? Spim game Beat off My house, It is strong
38 Let me come in. Memory game
39 I’ll be very full. Shield game Explore the sea Five fat pigs
40 You can’t come in. Command game

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